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No More Naked Finger!

Published June 22, 2010 by MrsQwnBee

Hi Everyone!

This is going to be a “short” one from me today (normally I’m a big yapper!). But I just wanted to THANK The Shane Co. in California, for fixing, cleaning and inspecting my pride and joy–My Wedding Set!

It just arrived to me this morning and I am STOKED to have it back! It’s been an integral part of me for almost 11 years. I never take it off! I shower with it, sleep with it, clean with it, you name it, I do it–with it on. 

To me, my wedding set makes me who I am. It’s part of my heart. Would YOU take your own heart out of your chest, to put it on a shelf even to clean the floor? HECK NO!!!! (You’d fall over dead anyways!)

This is how I feel about it. During our wedding ceremony, we were told that the rings symbolize a circle with no beginning and no end. A continuous band of love and committment. 

Call me superstitious (and as a former hockey goalie, oh yeah, I definitely have them!!), but if my ring symbolizes Love and Committment–without it on, I feel wrong, like something BIG is missing.

Not only do wedding rings have special meanings for their wearers (when you look down at it, you remember the day you got them, the ceremony, your dress, the smile your partner had when you said I DO), but they also show to others (even on the street) that you are taken. You are worthwhile enough to be wanted by another. Not to mention they’re pretty to look at!

So needless to say I AM BEYOND HAPPY to have it back! It means the world to me, just like the man that gave it to me.

Take time out right now and remember your special day. Think of the details–the dress, the people there, the cake, the food, fun and dancing that took place, think of your honeymoon–the destination, the things and places you saw. But most importantly, try to remember the feeling of being “Just Married.” How proud you were to be “Mr.” or “Mrs.” whoever, and how excited you were to tell anyone you came across that you were a newlywed!

Soak it all in and may it bring a smile to your face today.  And don’t forget to text your significant other a simple, little “I Love You.”

If hope this brought a smile to your face! Please feel free to comment here and to pass it on to someone else who could use a smile or a trip down memory lane!  Make it a great day!!!