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To Tattoo or Not to Tattoo–that is the Question!

Published June 30, 2010 by MrsQwnBee

Tattoos. Tattooing. Body Art.

It’s not the old Aircraft Carriers across your chest or the Popeye anchors on your arms anymore.  People of ALL walks of life get tattoos for oodles of reasons. It’s not reserved for White Trash, Truckers or Military personnel anymore. 80 year old Grandma’s even get them now!

I have 11. I am not a freak, a weirdo, or a hose-bag (at least no one has ever told me that).  I’m a Wife of 11 years, and a Mom of 3 kids.  95% of my tattoos are concealed and get hidden under my clothes. When it’s wintertime, I forget I even have them until I take a shower! Then it’s a surprise! “Holy Cow! I forgot I had those things!”  My “ink” is for me–not to show off to everyone.  When it gets hot out, yes of course you see more of them. But on the average day, it is not my priority to be a walking museum for gawkers.

I have 2 that have very special meaning to me. One, is for my brain surgery and the date. The other is to signify the deep love and devotion my husband and I share. The other ones are close to my heart and have elements of things I love (like Bees ad Mickey Mouse), but the 2 I mentioned are my most signficant ones by far. My hubby has the same 2 also–and he feels the same way!

But whatever the reason you decide to get one, there are some things to keep in mind. 

1. IT’S FOREVER/PERMANENT. If you don’t like it or even the placement–too late! You can’t whip out your handy dandy eraser and fix it. It’s there for GOOD, wherever its at. No Do-Over’s here! Make sure you see a professional that is on the side of being a perfectionist. Placement is everything!

2. TAKE YOUR TIME. Choose something with special meaning to you (commemorate a special event, a special person, a place of personal paradise, a meaningful symbol, etc.). The list goes on. There is no rush. Just don’t get drunk one night and get one done because you’re drunk friends goaded you into it. Again–erasers don’t work for this!  This will be with you FOREVER. Make sure it’s something you can live with, take pride in and is not the cause for embarrassment!  In the immortal words in Indiana Jones, The Last Crusade–“Choose Wisely.”

3. Tattooing is a form of “Wearble Art.” We all like to admire art from time to time, but when small children are present, we really don’t want them to see Mickey and Minnie Mouse getting their groove on!!! Save that for a more hidden place! And there are other certain themes that are not quite as visually stunning to everyone else–namely, Skulls, Death, Monsters, Blood and Guts. Again, not too great for the younger audience. See above–“Choose Wisely.”

4. IT’S GOING TO HURT.  Now I would be a liar and a half if I said “It doesn’t hurt.” It does. There is nothing like this kind of pain. I did acupuncture for 2 years and I don’t fear needles when getting blood drawn–but it is NOTHING like that. Certain areas hurt MUCH worse (the Lower Back is death), while others don’t hurt at all.  It all depends on you–you own pain tolerance, medications or alcohol you might have used.

There are two things here to remember.

A. Find an artist with experience with 1st timers and is gentle or “light/soft handed.” Heavy handed tattooers FLIPPIN’ HURT!!! Even more than it normally does! Holy Yikes!!! I have been inked by both. And I will go to the light handed artist again over the heavy handed one, in a heartbeat! Yowzas! That especially SUCKED.

B. The human brain does NOT remember pain. The nerves only react at the time to stimulus, but it is not stored in your memory. Think about it. Recall an especially painful time in your life.  For me, I’ll pick childbirth. I was on NO drugs whatsoever, I did it natural and it happened really fast! I “recall” that there was a lot of pain involved, there was tearing and bleeding, but I do not remember the actual sensation of it.

Try it. Do you remember the specific pain of an event? The actual sensation of it? Probably not. It doesn’t stay stored.  That’s why I could have 3 kids. If we could remember exactly what the pain felt like–we’d all have stopped at one!  This is another reason why we do tattoos over and over again. We feel the pain as it happens, but forget what it was like and optimistically think “It won’t be so bad this time, I know what to expect.”  Haa Haa! Oh you sad, strange,  little person!!!! You couldn’t be more wrong!

Now here are some little known tidbits you need to be aware of.  My dear friend, and my personal Tattoo Artist “Nicolas” (for us white people, it’s pronounced Nee-coh-laahs) has been kind enough to let me borrow some of his knowledge and 25 years of tattooing experience to answer some questions, so we can share it with you!

Now according to “Nicolas,”

  • Not 18? No tattoo for you!  No one under 18 can get a tattoo. If one is even seen on a minor, the tattoo artist can be tracked and fined for doing it. It’s illegal.
  • A really good, experienced tattoo artist (like “Nicolas” who has been doing it for 25+ years) can read your skin better than a newspaper. He can tell if your on  medicine or pregnant–just by how your skin takes the ink. If you’re pregnant–don’t bother after 2.5 months and until you’ve hatched. If you’re on antibiotics–stay away for 2 weeks after the last dose is taken. Again, it will be a wasted trip for you, because the ink won’t absorb into your skin. You’ll need to come back at a later date. Same thing thing if you’re over-tired or not taking daily vitamins! The ink won’t take in either case! So go home, get some sleep and take your vitamins!
  • A & D Ointment/Lotions. A & D is for the first day or two and for Brand New Tattoos. (Or anything specifically for  brand new Tattoos) Apply a thin coat every 3 hours or so to coat the skin (I also use straight Melaleuca oil directly on the tattoo, and it absorbs into the skin. It’s pungent–but it heals the skin).

*Lotion (after the A & D period is over with) is very important to use hourly! Keep your new tattoo covered with lotion. BUT–be sure to use an unscented, unflavored lotion or you will be in a world of stinging! And STAY AWAY from anything that has Petroleum in it!  (I personally use a special lotion from Melaleuca–that targets people with eczema/psoriasis and completely knocks out the “itching phase” 4-5 days later when the tattoo is healing. When doing touch ups–A & D is mostly not needed. The skin had already seen action and is “sort of” used to it.

  • Showers/Baths. Showers are fine after a day. Do not scrub your tattoo or even put any kind of shower gel on it. It will sting like crazy–as if the water droplets falling on it didn’t hurt enough!  And DON’T take a bath. Soaking the tattoo in hot water does really weird things–like make the inky skin ball up and fall off (kinda looks like rainbow colored string boogers–Ew!). You look like a colorful leper when you get out of the tub. And don’t remove  ANY of the color/ink before it’s ready. BIG MISTAKE!

*When you pick at it (because it itches or has a blob of colored ink/skin ready to go–you are actually tearing off the color–that you paid for! If you peel a lot of it off-expect needing a touch up and having some unattractive/bare parts of your skin hanging out until it’s healed enough for the Touch Up to be done.

  • Salty Diet? Ate Pizza last night? It’s going to sting and it will show on your skin. It will hurt more and stays redder longer. The ink doesn’t go in as smoothly when you are full of salty stuff!
  • Tight Skin after a tattoo? Soak it in COLD/LUKEWARM (NEVER HOT) water (washcloth or paper towel) for 10 minutes twice a day.  It will take longer to heal and hurt more if you chose to ignore the tightness. But the skin is crying out for water–give it what it needs!
  • When you have areas that won’t heal or look kinda pus–y–soak it with rubbing alcohol. It helps dry out the gunk and actually helps it to heal. I got part of a tattoo done in an area under my arm that constantly rubbed against the underwire in my bra. Alcohol cleared it up in 3 days!
  • Did you drink or do drugs last night? It’s going to show on your skin. People who drink hard liquor even the night before will bleed more. Everyone “bleeds” plasma crossed with a little blood, but this is actual blood (more than just plasma) we’re talking about. Icky stuff. And it makes it REALLY hard on you and the tattoo artist, because you don’t absorb the ink as well, it swells the skin, and takes longer because he is having to “mop”  up the ink and blood even more than normal.
  • Drugs. If you are a frequent drug user, the body can refuse the ink,  the skin won’t heal correctly, scab up more, and possibly when the scabs come off, so will the ink itself. There will always be complications depending on the person. So please take care of yourself.
  • If you’re Drunk at the time–a proper, licensed tattoo shop WILL NOT work with you. Everyone talks about handling it better it you’re drunk–but it better not be obvious–or you’ll wind up on the curb!
  • If you have areas that really aren’t healing up after a month or two–start using Vitamin E Oil on it. It helps the skin to heal. But be sure to ASK/CALL your tattoo artist about how to proceed FIRST. Don’t guess, don’t assume–CALL THE PROFESSIONAL and get their advice first. This is what you paid them for!
  • If you have PREVIOUS TATTOOS from another Artist, Good Luck. Tattoo Artists are NOT willing to touch another artists’ work. Unless you are willing to pay them a lot to do it, they won’t touch what someone else started. They are very picky about messing with someone else’s work, or even about someone else touching their work. It’s hard to guess what someone else is thinking, right? There you go! Try to stick with the tattoo creator whenever possible.

Now a few months ago, I got a bracelet tattoo done by a heavy handed person (not my usual person). I had “Nicolas” take a look at it and he was really upset. “WOW. That’s not good–not good at all. Your skin is damaged–BIG Time.”  What it looks like happened is that the needle wasnt sharp anymore. If you dip the needle into the ink pot and it hits the bottom, over and over again, the tip gets bent. So it looked like the entire tattoo was done with a bent needle tip.  Because of the hard pressing that was done, and the needle being bent, it damaged the skin layers underneath and the top layer as well. (It was a full week before even the sheet on my bed could brush over my wrist without me wincing in pain from just that! Imagine a shower?) I know tattoos hurt–but this was ridiculous!

There were areas that were hard feeling when you pressed different areas of the tattoo itself.  Those hard spots are nearly gone after 2.5 months.  As “Nicolas” explained it, what I had were areas of dead skin that needed to heal and become alive again. I knew what he meant when he told me to prick my skin with something sharp. Prick your upper arm and then the tattoo area–you’ll see what I mean. (I thought he was mental, but I did it. )  Sure enough, I could FEEL the areas on my upper arm, I had sensation. On the tattooed area, even though I saw myself pricking my skin–I couldn’t feel it at all. It was truly dead. This was NOT the time to put Vitamin E on it! Cool water or alcohol ONLY. This is why I say to call your professional to get their advice first!

It did not heal well, it needed LOTS of soaking, and now after nearly 3 months, it’s close to being healed. But there are patches still of red, injured skin showing through.  It was not also aligned perfectly and is “off center” when you turn to look at your wrist (I know better–so WTH?). “Nicolas” has been kind enough to offer to fix it, to get it looking as good as it should. We hope for it to be healed enough in ANOTHER MONTH. WOW!  Believe it or not–I do want to get Touch Ups for this one! Even still!

(Now it is not my intention to “slam” or “smear” the name of the particular artist I saw for this. This was totally at my discretion. In fact, at my request, they did some Touch Up work that I am VERY pleased with! The one tattoo in particular turned out really well and they really “knocked it out of the park!”  Their portfolio showed good work.  I do not want cause any harm to their career so I will not name names.)

And the last and maybe most important question you may be wondering.  Is getting a tattoo addictive?  Yes and No.  In my personal experience, it was not so much “addicting” (I gotta get another and another and…) as I wanted to add things. Some were new, but most were “Touch Ups” or “Additions” to ones I already had. But once I’d had enough–nothing could change my mind. I WAS DONE. That’s it. No more for me. We all have a set limit.

For my husband, he is not an addictive personality at all. He did his to match (he has armbands) and then his last 2 were more of “it sounds like a good idea” to get them done. But his experience was totally different than mine in that ALL of his hurt like the dickens. Every little bit, every little time. The agony was more than he could take. So he stopped for the reason of it hurt too much to go on.

Me personally? I’ve had 3 kids RAW (no drugs, no nothing) so pain is nothing to me ( I guess I’m a hardass and didn’t even know it!). I started out with my first tattoo being the worst one you could ever get–the lower back tattoo (which I now consider to be similar to having a 4th child–and I know pain!), so after that–nothing was going to be as painful as that was! And you know what? Nothing has come even CLOSE to it!

Now another little tidbit is important to know. The inks they use these days are safe–medically. They do NOT have metallic substances in them anymore. Some people with older tattoos done in the mid 80’s and before, had to worry about metals being used in the inks. This was very problematic–because they weren’t aware of what was in the ink until they got an MRI later in life! Then, their skin popped like popcorn in the microwave! Not nice.  X-rays, CAT scans can also cause some issues (they sometimes “cloud”  or make shadows in the X-ray itself), but when you are about to receive an MRI, they ask you about tattoos on the pre-questionnaire.

Tattoo ink is considered a Cosmetic, therefore is not checked over and supervised before it is given out for consumer use (herein lies the problem with the cosmetic industry as a whole). So tattooing is not for the really stringent Greenie or Tree Hugger. I do consider myself to be a bit of both (a Green-Hugger!)–but the idea of “My Own Personal Body Art” won out over worrying what *might* be in the ink.

So in summary: Check their portfolio first, Get a real professional with experience, and that they are licensed to do tattoos, Be choosy, It’s permanent and Yes, its going to hurt!!!

Any Questions?     Comments?      Tattoos of your own?      Share them with me!

I’d love to check them out! You went through the pain of getting them, at least be appreciated for it!  And please share this with anyone who is thinking of getting a tattoo! These are great tidbits to pass on to those that even have them! Thanks so much! And I look forward to hearing from you!


Does this mean I’m getting old?

Published May 25, 2010 by MrsQwnBee

Hey There.

I got to admit, I’m kinda having a downer of a day.

My older son is going to be graduating Kindergarten later this week. I remember when I was younger and in school, I couldn’t wait to be done with the school year. But as an adult, it’s a whole other story.

I don’t do well with goodbyes. I cry at funeral scenes in MOVIES. In Avatar, I cried 5 times, and totally came unglued when she rescued him. But I’m a mush. A certifiable mush–and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s the Secret to being me.

So I’m on the verge of tears today, and I don’t really know why. Too many emotions I guess.

I have to say goodbye to my sons teacher soon–and it kills me. She has given me hope, understanding, laughter and the kindness in her heart. She has helped my son grow, talk more, be social more and really blossom this year, for which I am forever thankful for.    And because of the kindness she has shown for my son, wanting the best for him, protecting him when she can–I want to give her a gift of thanks–from my heart.

These days, school for my kids touches me, in ways I never expected they would.

My younger son starts Speech assistance next year too. I will have 1 son in full time 1st grade, and the other, part time in school too. I never thought that would happen. But that means my “little guy” is growing older too.

Now add to that–my daughter is graduating high school in June.  Soon, she will be an adult, on her own and going through life’s ups and downs. (I hope there won’t be many downs).  Her graduating is a big thing–it means she’s growing, getting older and the rumor is that I too, am getting older. (Everyone I’ve met recently still thinks I look 17 or 18–so I’m safe).  But “your little babies” aren’t babies anymore. They’re growing up.

I just read a great blog from my friend Chris. And he attached a video clip about Love and Paying it all forward. I got teary eyed again. 

But life is all about living, growing, loving and caring.  So instead of throwing myself a Pity Party, and this being all about me–I want to give something to you.

Life is not so scary, when you have distractions. Caring for others, passing on a kind word–whether it’s a smile or well wishes–it doesn’t matter. Pay it forward.

I could easily “give up the ghost,” turn off the computer and shut myself down. But I think when we really feel the most confused, upset or sad–we need to turn to others. Help them. Motivate them, Inspire them, Pay Attention to them, Listen to them.

And the funny things is–by changing your focus from yourself and your problems, to others and being a Light and a Beacon for them–it rubs off on you, and suddenly, you find that your inspiration towards others, has actually inspired you as well!

This was passed to me earlier this week. And I want to share it with you as well. I need some uplifting–so I’m going to uplift all of you instead! Funny how that works isn’t it?? Giving part of yourself away actually makes you feel fuller! (You gotta love the logic in that one!)

Pay it Forward.  Give something Back.  Believe in yourself. Believe that whatever you can conceive, you can achieve! Even if it’s your own personal dare to make that crusty old Scrooge crack a smile–then do it!

The world is your oyster! Today will be your BEST DAY Ever!!!

Live, Laugh, Love. Another 3 simple words to live by!  And thank you my friends–just by writing this, you have all made me feel better! So my thanks go to you!!!


Now enjoy this! You deserve it! —

What a Comeback!!!!

Published May 20, 2010 by MrsQwnBee


Hello Again!

I know I’ve only been blogging for a teeny tiny bit–but I think it’s time I share something with you.

I was hesitant to announce this to the world, because really, it’s NOT AT ALL my intention to get sympathy. It’s just from the heart and the real deal.

I’m really not saying this to try to get sympathy or even friends (but I do LOVE new friends, so catch me on Facebook–mrsqueenbee).

It’s just simply the absolute and total truth.

So here it is. My own personal “scoop” (and you’ll see why that’s funny as you read on).

Now, we are all trying so hard to make our businesses soar. Try this, try that.  We all have big dreams for us, our family, our way of life. But in 1995, I almost didn’t have a life.

I had brain surgery. I was 22 years old, and after that day, September 22, 1995, my whole life’s slate was wiped clean. Everything was turned upside down. I died on the table 3 times. but each time, I came back.

I was in the ICU for a week, followed by another week in the hospital.  But finally I got to come home.

I was right handed for everything–eating, putting on my makeup, brushing my teeth, shaving–you name it, I did it with my right hand. That was all gone in the blink of an eye.

I couldn’t hardly stand up and my balance was so awful I needed a nurse to help me walk in a walker.  It was really pathetic. I was a young 22 year old Mom of a 2 year old, but I felt like I was 80 and crippled. It was so disheartening, I don’t even have the words (and I’m a jabberjaw–so you know it must be bad!).

I knew my own name and the names of family members, but I couldn’t remember anything of my life before that day. (Thank goodness for pictures!). All gone. Nothing. Blank.

My vision was blurry and I couldn’t really taste anything. All I could do is  stare  and sleep. I had trouble even completing a statement. It was exhausting just to try to speak.  I was truly living the life of a zombie.

But I came back.

It took me 2 and a half years to learn to write left handed.  I was a recreational league hockey goalie briefly and I even learned to drive a stick shift car! Pretty Cool huh?

But I came back!

I got divorced thru all of this–but I was privileged to marry the man of my dreams, my Superglue for everything. (He would even come to visit his “dearest friend” on his days off from work, and walk with me, hand in hand, around the block because I couldn’t do it by myself.)

What a great comeback that was!

Now fast forward to now.  We’ve been married almost 11 years and have 2 sons. My daughter (then 2) will be graduating High School this June!

I came back to lead a great life filled with lots of love and daily challenges! (With 2 boys, how could you not?)  I have always dreamed of giving back what I’ve been so blessed to receive unconditionally–from so many.

I want to retire my husband from his Corporate America job –that is my goal! I want for him to be able to walk in and fire his boss!!! He will–eventually!  But wouldn’t you love to stage a huge comeback like that too?

I dealt with the cards I was given. I did it, and that’s all there is to it. I’m no hero, not a person to  admire–just a Mom and a Wife. My family is my #1 priority to me.

To me, this whole part of my life is History. It came, it happened, we’re done, now move on.  So I really don’t dwell on it at all (and thanks to the ice cream scooper in my head, my short term memory is not that great anymore, so I don’t think about it very often).

What this whole experience did for me, was that it has given me hope. It makes me remember to laugh and find amusement in the little things in life. I pay attention and I notice those everyday miracles–because now I am one of them.

The statistics for people that have survived their brain surgeries is staggering. I didn’t know this until recently, and it takes my breath away. Only 30% manage to live for 5 more years!  Talk about bleak? Holy Cow!!!

Well, then my husband (yes, you read that right–BOTH of us) and I have kicked that stat in the head!!! (Hee Hee!) Mine is going on 15 years and his is going to be 12 this year!

So do I think of myself as a miracle? No. Do I think about where I came from and what obstacles I faced and won against? Sometimes. But not too often. Like I said–my family is my priority. My business comes next. Me? That can go on the back burner. But I do get a pretty good laugh when people say “Well it’s not brain surgery to figure this out.”

My sense of humor has kept me going, and always will.  I try to be as positive as I can, because every day I’m alive, really is a miracle–if those stats were correct.

But this journey called LIFE, that we’ve all embarked on is going to be a great comeback for all of us!  It’s like a good book–you can’t  put it down!  I can’t wait to see what happens!

The future is so bright! Just remember to Keep on Keepin’ On, Pay Attention, and Love the fact that you’re alive. Every day matters! Big or small.

If you were touched by this, please share it with others in need or just share the inspiration! Feel free to comment, and to friend me on Facebook. I wrote a special note that talks even more about this and I’d love to pass it on.

Thank you for reading!

Best of Luck to ALL of us!

For the “whole” story, tune into my Facebook page–MrsQwnbee–it’s there under the “Notes” and it’s called “By Popular Demand.”

Houston–We’ve got a Problem…

Published May 18, 2010 by MrsQwnBee

Houston? We’ve got a problem.

Copy that. What’s the problem?    This planet! These humanoids. That’s the problem.

Sadly, the movies just might be onto something.

In my favorite movie this year, Avatar, they strongly believe in the All Powerful, All Knowing, Alive Today and Yesterday, Eywa. In our world Earth–we call it Mother Nature.

The best things can come from Mother Nature. The things that keep us healthy, keep us safe–all come from Mother Nature herself.

With all the technological advancements that happen everyday–I always remember the quote from Jurassic Park/Jeff Goldblum’s character Ian Malcolm.   Science gives us so many things. We can create this, we can make that, we can recreate life, “but the real question is SHOULD WE?”

It really makes me sad is that yes, we are so advanced, we have so many things that give us short cuts and we take them (I’m guilty like everyone else here–so I’m not worthy of a soapbox). But we really don’t know what the long term effects are going to be.

We have great household items–but our kids are starting to pay the price. Autism, cancer, asthma, etc.  We have beautiful personal care products–but they alter our hormones, mutate cells, cause cancer and birth defects.

We have foods that are quick–but is it giving us the real nutrition we need? And I love my microwave oven–but what is it really doing to the foods that I’m eating?  What is it doing to our insides? I know it’s bad–but we are a very active, crazy household. We don’t sit down for anything! No time! This is not an excuse, but it’s all I’ve got.

We don’t have any real proof, on a  LOT of things we use–yet.  But it’s coming. It’s slowly creeping out in the effects it’s having with our children and in our future–our babies.                          
I do what I can. I take my vitamins, use cleaners & personal care items that really and truly are safe to use–especially around my kids.

Let Mother Nature “mother” us–more than we’re letting her.  She’s trying!  But with Oil Spills (thanks BP and Exxon), pollution of water, lakes, rivers, etc., the smog levels in big cities like LA–we’re killing her. We’re slowly choking her to death, and with her–us too.

Almost everyone knows there is a problem. Global Warming, pollution, blah blah blah.  I see posts about the dangers of the chemicals and toxins everywhere–but no one does anything about it, but post “How bad it is” so others can read it. I guess that means they’ve done their civic duty to the human race?

Are you kidding me???

This honestly makes me NUTS! I have no tolerance for this junk.  People that say how bad it is and we need to make a change but do NOTHING about it! NOTHING!!! So who do they think they are? They’re just contributing to this madness.

I work with a company that has been Going Green for 25 years–when green was just a color in the crayon box. They’ve managed to unite Science and Nature to give us the safest and best products for daily living out there.  It makes me crazy when people would rather buy more expensive and toxic junk than switch over to something safer. WHY?

My family is the top most important thing to me. That’s why I changed to living safer and Greener. I didn’t know about all the stuff out there before, but now I do. I now consider myself an expert with what I use and how to stay safe in this crazy world.  I freely give my knowledge and educate others about it, but they still don’t take it seriously. Sadly, they have to learn of its importance when a close family member is harmed by the health problems that these chemicals are causing.

But if you are SERIOUS about Going Green, being safe–take advantage of what is out there to help you. Read labels!!! Know more about the chemicals in the products you use and put into your body as food. PAY ATTENTION!!!!   If you know better and still do nothing–then SHAME ON YOU!  Let Mother Nature HELP you. Stop ignoring her.

Life isn’t perfect, and none of us are going to make it out alive.  But keep doing the best you possibly can while you’re here!  

Let’s not be a society built on “How NOT to do it” but a society that learned from its mistakes and is on the right track!  Be well and stay safe my Friends! 

PS—-If you are TRULY interested in safer living–I would LOVE to share the information I have and have experienced personally. Let me help you—-if you want.  At the end of the day, we are all just human–and being human means helping each other.  This is what I am here to do!  Check out my website: http://www.mrsqwnbee.info

Just a reminder–Humans Afoot!

Published May 18, 2010 by MrsQwnBee

Being Human.

2 little words that have so many meanings.

Loving others unconditionally, making mistakes–some big, some little, finding your Soulmate, the joys you find in children, your educational and career decisions, and the list goes on.

It’s only Human to be afraid of new things.  I just embarked on really sticking my neck out and it’s scary. But I know it NEEDS to be done, and is therefore scary to me because I just don’t know all about yet. 

Things scare and intimidate you when you just don’t know all the facts. It’s like kids and night lights. You’re afraid of what might be in the dark, until a light is shown–and then it’s not so scary anymore.

I’m sure I’ll get into the swing of things in no time at all–but for now, it catches my breath.

I fly under the radar, with only my heart and good intentions to shine. What I do is a gift from the heart–but it doesn’t pad the wallet–which really isn’t fair. The things we enjoy and put our whole being into should give us financial reward along with personal reward. But it doesn’t work that way–yet! (I’m working on a solution to that as we speak!)

My goal in life, whenever I go out, is to make whoever I see or am dealing with–smile or laugh.  If I have to make a really dumb joke to get a giggle–then that’s what I’m going to do!

But, if I did make them smile, laugh or feel like a human being again, then I’ve done my job and I can go home knowing that I made someone’s day. (If you saw my Facebook status this week, you’ll see that I totally accomplished my goal!!)

 It’s small, but so important.  Pay it forward–random acts of kindness–you name it! We’re ALL HUMAN and frankly, we deserve it from our fellow-man.

That’s just part of what it takes to be Human. Just to notice other people and not walk through life with blinders on. You miss out on so much–it’s like you were never there in the first place. And that is a horrible thing to deprive yourself of!

Now, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I used to work retail. Yes, I was one of those “behind the counter people.”  I got dressed up, looked nice, smiled lots and wore makeup.

But it was truly appalling to me how (some people were) the dregs of society felt that they were entitled to reduce you to nothing and treat you like pond scum, JUST BECAUSE YOU WERE BEHIND A COUNTER!!!!! Real estate turned me into a punch dummy. WHAT?

So I put up with it–mind you I needed to un-screw my smile after the day was done. But it taught me an important lesson (besides tolerance). People who work retail, or are behind ANY COUNTER–whether it be fast food, the grocery store, members of any office staff–ANYONE–treat them well. Treat them nicely. Make them smile! I heard it takes only 7 muscles to create a smile. but upwards of 200 to frown or scowl. Now anyone who is into looking young–let this be a lesson to you!

It’s not hard to be nice or friendly. It takes a lot more energy to be crusty, mean or a liar.  (I could never be a good liar–I can’t remember to keep the lie “up” and remember all the different angles and people I have to fool–it’s too much work).

You know, we’re all in this together–don’t be afraid to help each other out. That’s what life is all about. Being that shoulder for someone, taking the time to really pay attention, observe the little things life has to offer. They’re ALL there–but are you seeing them?

I hope when you read this, it softens your heart, or just makes you think twice. You allow kindness in, and let your heart do the talking. What you give freely to others comes back to you tenfold. We all need to live in more positive, caring times. And the only way to get there–is by giving everyone you meet or deal with, a little piece of your heart.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and it inspired you!  Please share it with others you think might need this little reminder or inspiration too!!

As always, I would LOVE to hear your comments!!!  Have a great weekend!!!