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Long Time No See!!!

Published July 15, 2014 by MrsQwnBee

Well HI THERE!!!!

It’s been years and so many “adventures” since we last talked! I hope you are all doing well in your own little piece of the world.

We are living, breathing, going crazy (it’s Summertime after all!), and just Bee-ing ourselves. After losing our 1st home to the B of A/Housing Mess/Economy-Recession thing, we moved, then rented and finally with help from family, were able to relocate to our new (permanent) house, in the “nice” part of our city–where the schools are great and safe and the people are actually nice!!!! YAY US!!

We have just celebrated our 1 year Anniversary in this house. When we moved in I painted EVERYTHING. I even stood high on a ladder painting all day, sweating and coughing what little brains I have, because somehow I got Bronchitis!  (In Vegas, in the Summer, I caught frickin’ BRONCHITIS. WTH?)

Then I tried my hand at outdoor landscaping! (BTW–I was made to be a Qween, not to sweat, break my finger twice, sweat more and nearly pass out a few times when it wasn’t even that hot yet!). Looks pretty good, but I’m NOT an outdoorsy kinda gal!

So I had to do something new to the house for our 1 year. Hmmmmm……To Do?  So I painted our kitchen cabinets and painted a back splash! (Looks great now, but I didn’t even know what a back splash WAS until watching Flipping Vegas on TV!!) YAY ME!

But what now?  I’m back, so what do I write about?

LIFE. Well, our Life. Day to Day stuff.

Days with a son with Autism. Days with a 3rd grader. Days with a 5th grader. How much I “love” common core curriculums-especially in Nevada. Volunteer life. Mommy life. Losing weight (which I really need to do). Is that enough? I’m sure there will be more!

But as a start, I just wanted to welcome you back and to say THANK YOU for waiting on me or finding me again! Or even finding little ol’ me for the first time!