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I am Saint Francis of Nevada….

Published February 17, 2011 by MrsQwnBee

WOW!!! Did you see that? Time FLEW!!!!  Now we’re in a New Year–2011. Holy Moley!  It’s only mid-February and already, it has been quite  year!

Last Summer, we adopted a stray cat, we now affectionately call Jet (named after all the Fighter Jets that fly over our house). 3 weeks ago, we adopted yet another stray–this time a teeny tiny 3 year old Chihuahua we named Sweet Pea.

She is a true Sweet Pea. Totally NOT the typical Chihuahua–mellow, calm, happy, not aggressive, not a barker either–but sadly, after having her checked at the Vet for a microchip (there was none) and again when she needed to be re-hydrated, she is a Little Girl that has a lot of health problems. The Vet came back after checking her out and he had “The Look.”

I was well aware of the sliding kneecaps (Luxating Patella) common to Chihuahuas.

I wasn’t ready for what I heard next.  She has a heart murmur–a bad one. A 5 out of 6.  I was in tears at the Vet.  I cried for 4 days straight–worried sick, scared and praying for her to be OK.  We don’t have the $3k just to fix her knees, and certainly not what may be wrong with her heart (she can’t even get her teeth cleaned because they’re not sure she would survive the anesthesia). So all we can really do, is give her a home with a HUGE abundance of Love coming from every person in this house–and in fact, anyone that visits!!!

Then when I had to take her back in (she got very sick a few days later), the Doctor found that she has not only 2 bum legs, but 3. Her front leg has a problem, probably from taking on all the weight from the back legs that hurt to use.

Oh Boy.

So she follows me everywhere–with her crazy little hyper wiggly walk! To the bathroom, outside, in the kitchen to my bedroom–EVERYWHERE. But even though I get up and down A LOT–I don’t mind. My goal and my honor is to give as much Love as I can to one of God’s many creatures.

As most of you may know, I am VERY VERY soft hearted. I couldn’t turn away from anything that needed me–especially when a pair of big brown eyes looked up at me (she had a strangle-hold on my heartstrings). Things happen for a reason. She found us to get the love and care that maybe she hadn’t felt in a long time. It is my honor and privilege to care for her.  The idea tears me apart of her silly little excited walk not being here.  But we are here to enjoy every minute while she is here with us!

Our other cats (which are the size of large Moose in comparison to her 4.5 pound self) have done fine with her. They come up to sniff her, but that’s it. She’s so much tinier than they are–which I’m sure made the difference.

But we are not rich, wealthy, loaded or independently wealthy via a deceased relative–we’re very average–but our heart sets us apart. We do the “Poor Man’s” version for her–LOVE. That’s all we can afford–but Love is FREE.

But the reason we found her (well she found us) is there are Foreclosures RAMPANT in this state and this area. People just leave their pets. Just leave. Walk away.

How sick is that? There are shelters, adoption centers even Petsmart takes in animals to be adopted.  That’s how we got our cat last Summer (just left to rot in the horrible heat here) and this year, that’s how we got our dog.

What the hell is wrong with people? How could anyone just leave a poor, little helpless animal out in the cold, to starve and try to fend for themselves–especially ones with health issues???

It sickens me that someone could be so cold and callous to a helpless creature. They trust us. They need us to help them and be advocates for them. And you turn your back on that?


If you’re going to lose your house and can’t take your pet for whatever reason, take it to a shelter, Petsmart or find it a good home. Don’t just wait for some sap like me and HOPE it gets taken care of.  There are so many people, now especially, that would turn their backs too.  But not me, not us. Not on our watch!

This is just one day out of our crazy life! But I really hope it inspired you to take some kind of action, take heart for the smaller beings in this world, and open your eyes and maybe your heart to something that needs love.

We did. And haven’t looked back…..

This is her!!!



A little over a year later, Sweet Pea is still with us. She still isn’t very mobile and wiggle walks, but we give her a little baby aspirin every morning to help her get around in less discomfort.

A few months ago, her face swelled up and she was in pain. I took her in, only to find that she had an abscess, her teeth really needing to be cleaned and 1 tooth needing to be pulled out. I didn’t know what to do. I knew that if we tried to sedate her to clean her teeth and remove the tooth, she’s have to be knocked out, and that would probably end her little life.  So we took an X-ray to see what her heart looked like.

When the X-ray was checked by the Vet and another radiologist, it was found that she just had a large heart. No traces of congestive heart failure, blood being washed back into the lungs were found whatsoever!!!  She just has a big heart for her body!!!  The valves are OK and the feeling of a heavy heartbeat on her left side had diminished significantly!!!!!

OH THANK GOD!!!!!   So it looks like we have several more years with her after all!!!  Let this also be a testament as to what love and care can really do….