Long Time No See!!!

Published July 15, 2014 by MrsQwnBee

Well HI THERE!!!!

It’s been years and so many “adventures” since we last talked! I hope you are all doing well in your own little piece of the world.

We are living, breathing, going crazy (it’s Summertime after all!), and just Bee-ing ourselves. After losing our 1st home to the B of A/Housing Mess/Economy-Recession thing, we moved, then rented and finally with help from family, were able to relocate to our new (permanent) house, in the “nice” part of our city–where the schools are great and safe and the people are actually nice!!!! YAY US!!

We have just celebrated our 1 year Anniversary in this house. When we moved in I painted EVERYTHING. I even stood high on a ladder painting all day, sweating and coughing what little brains I have, because somehow I got Bronchitis!  (In Vegas, in the Summer, I caught frickin’ BRONCHITIS. WTH?)

Then I tried my hand at outdoor landscaping! (BTW–I was made to be a Qween, not to sweat, break my finger twice, sweat more and nearly pass out a few times when it wasn’t even that hot yet!). Looks pretty good, but I’m NOT an outdoorsy kinda gal!

So I had to do something new to the house for our 1 year. Hmmmmm……To Do?  So I painted our kitchen cabinets and painted a back splash! (Looks great now, but I didn’t even know what a back splash WAS until watching Flipping Vegas on TV!!) YAY ME!

But what now?  I’m back, so what do I write about?

LIFE. Well, our Life. Day to Day stuff.

Days with a son with Autism. Days with a 3rd grader. Days with a 5th grader. How much I “love” common core curriculums-especially in Nevada. Volunteer life. Mommy life. Losing weight (which I really need to do). Is that enough? I’m sure there will be more!

But as a start, I just wanted to welcome you back and to say THANK YOU for waiting on me or finding me again! Or even finding little ol’ me for the first time!





It’s DONE! We tried…..

Published October 17, 2011 by MrsQwnBee

It’s over….it’s done.  We tried and failed.

Truth is–we didn’t cheat well enough, or lie thru our teeth like everyone else is these days. So it’s gone. Wave Bye-Bye now……..

Yep, after 2 years of fighting, millions of pounds of papers faxed, trial payments paid on time, monthly and sometimes weekly struggles, we LOST our house. Add our names to the list of thousands of homeowners that lost their home in Nevada.

But you know what? We’re going to rise up even higher! We won’t let this get us down. Yeah, packing sucks, but it’ll be worth it, when we don’t have to deal with The Devil/Satan aka Bank of America, anymore! No property tax, no escrow accounts, no PMI, no homeowners insurance–none of that.

Finally, after all, we get to focus on what we have! US!!!!  Our Family, school, work, volunteering at school, our pet children, the Daily life of the American Family.

And having learned THE HARD WAY, we have absolutely NO URGE WHATSOEVER TO EVER BUY A HOME–in at least 10 years or until this housing mess is sorted out and preferably when there IS NO MORE Bank of America.

Can you tell I think B of A stinks? THEY DO. They are the most unprofessional, two faced, non-networked, lying pieces of dog poop (sorry to insult dogs like that) I have ever had the displeasure to have to deal with. EVER!  (NOTE TO SELVES: Do NOT in any way get a home or personal loan or Credit Card through Bank of America. THEY SUCK!)

The way they do business and treat their customers is deplorable. They should forcibly have their name stripped from them. They are an insult to AMERICANS and AMERICA itself.

But, soon, we can wash our hands of them.  Right now, we have embarked on a “Short Sale.” With it going “on” the market this morning, we have our first showing this evening. Wow! That was fast!

I honestly don’t know how I feel about all this. At times, I’m like, “Yeah, lets get the f*ck out” at others I want to cry because this was our first home, the only home my kids have ever known. And how do I explain  leaving to them?

I know logistically, any house or town house or even apartment we get, I can and will turn into a home. Of that, I have no doubt. I just can’t paint the heck out of things anymore (like I did here). But its overwhelming how much stuff I have to go through and throw out or give away. (I’m a “collector,” not a hoarder–let’s just get that straight right now!)

The work we did inside and outside (our landscaping, our patio and retaining wall–we built brick by brick), the little “touches” we added–have all been for nothing. No one’s going to care for this house the way we did. And that is tragic.

Someone will buy this house for cheap–much less than we paid for it. And they’ll have no pride in it, and they may even trash it? Who knows? Again, it’s just sad.

But it wont be our problem. Our biggest “problem” if you can call it that, is that we love the teachers at the school my kids go to. We want to stay in this area so we can keep going there. That’s why we aren’t looking to move away or even out of state yet. But we are also waiting for a sign from the man above, about where He wants us to go to next.

Back in 2003, everything magically fell into place for us, and we were shown the way to Las Vegas. We came to visit, put money down on a house, hubby found a job (yes, in THAT order) and 2 weeks later we were back!

We look back and see that if it wasn’t for our move out here, our sons never would have been born, our pet children would probably be dead and the experiences we’ve had, will now shape us forever.  So we feel as if we did what we were brought here for. We are done. So now what? Now where?

Hmmmmm. Good question. I have no answers, YET.  But anyone with good suggestions, and would love to be our hotel and tour guide for us would be a great start!

But seriously, I don’t know what’s ahead or how soon it will need to change. The work is getting as bad as it was in  California before we left. Its getting pretty dire here too. We already know the eventual fate of the house, so in all honesty, the only thing keeping us here, is the kids’ school, and just not knowing of anyplace else with definite work.

We didn’t want to move to a place where we knew NO ONE again, but considering how desperate things are getting, that may be thrown out the window. We’ve done it before, we can do it again.  We’re strong that way. But we shall see!!!

So that’s what’s been going on with us, along with me volunteering (gosh I wish it was paid) at the school, anywhere between 2 and 5 days a week. So we’re busy, and crazy. But all in all–happy to be together! Watching the kids grow each and every day.

So no matter what the OUTSIDE world maybe trying to do to you, comfort can be found INSIDE. Inside your mind, inside your heart, inside technology–via text or email or Skype. Heck it could be inside your Ipod–music does tame the savage beast after all!

Pay no mind to the doom and gloom the world tries to give. Put on your bubble head and ignore the negative! Do your best and be at peace with that. We did our best, played by their rules, but can find comfort KNOWING we used  rules and our morals to get there.

So ask yourself this: Is it better to lose in a fair fight, or to win by cheating the system? Could you live with yourself  longterm knowing that you won by lying? And what’s to say that those lies and that deceit aren’t going to find another way to see you lose anyway?

Maybe yes, maybe no. But Karma will always carry more fury than we can ever imagine. So don’t tempt a visit from Karma. Just do it with personal credibility the FIRST TIME around.

Please take time out to read this, or send it to a friend who is going thru this exact same thing. Pray, send good Jou Jou or give a moment of silence to all those families who have already lost their homes, and the thousands more who are going to be losing it. I may joke about it, but it hits straight to the heart. It hurts. It really impacts you in so many ways, and those ways make it so hard for you to want to get up and try again.

But LIVE YOUR LIFE!!!!! Don’t let those banking bastards get you down! They may take our homes, but they can NEVER take the heart that beats inside all of us. That will forever be ours.

Much love, peace and HOPE for all of you reading!  Please pass this on–for there is strength in numbers! We already are getting the hints, but a revolution of some kind is coming. Gee, I can’t imagine why?

Be well my friends!

❤ MrsQwnBee

I am Saint Francis of Nevada….

Published February 17, 2011 by MrsQwnBee

WOW!!! Did you see that? Time FLEW!!!!  Now we’re in a New Year–2011. Holy Moley!  It’s only mid-February and already, it has been quite  year!

Last Summer, we adopted a stray cat, we now affectionately call Jet (named after all the Fighter Jets that fly over our house). 3 weeks ago, we adopted yet another stray–this time a teeny tiny 3 year old Chihuahua we named Sweet Pea.

She is a true Sweet Pea. Totally NOT the typical Chihuahua–mellow, calm, happy, not aggressive, not a barker either–but sadly, after having her checked at the Vet for a microchip (there was none) and again when she needed to be re-hydrated, she is a Little Girl that has a lot of health problems. The Vet came back after checking her out and he had “The Look.”

I was well aware of the sliding kneecaps (Luxating Patella) common to Chihuahuas.

I wasn’t ready for what I heard next.  She has a heart murmur–a bad one. A 5 out of 6.  I was in tears at the Vet.  I cried for 4 days straight–worried sick, scared and praying for her to be OK.  We don’t have the $3k just to fix her knees, and certainly not what may be wrong with her heart (she can’t even get her teeth cleaned because they’re not sure she would survive the anesthesia). So all we can really do, is give her a home with a HUGE abundance of Love coming from every person in this house–and in fact, anyone that visits!!!

Then when I had to take her back in (she got very sick a few days later), the Doctor found that she has not only 2 bum legs, but 3. Her front leg has a problem, probably from taking on all the weight from the back legs that hurt to use.

Oh Boy.

So she follows me everywhere–with her crazy little hyper wiggly walk! To the bathroom, outside, in the kitchen to my bedroom–EVERYWHERE. But even though I get up and down A LOT–I don’t mind. My goal and my honor is to give as much Love as I can to one of God’s many creatures.

As most of you may know, I am VERY VERY soft hearted. I couldn’t turn away from anything that needed me–especially when a pair of big brown eyes looked up at me (she had a strangle-hold on my heartstrings). Things happen for a reason. She found us to get the love and care that maybe she hadn’t felt in a long time. It is my honor and privilege to care for her.  The idea tears me apart of her silly little excited walk not being here.  But we are here to enjoy every minute while she is here with us!

Our other cats (which are the size of large Moose in comparison to her 4.5 pound self) have done fine with her. They come up to sniff her, but that’s it. She’s so much tinier than they are–which I’m sure made the difference.

But we are not rich, wealthy, loaded or independently wealthy via a deceased relative–we’re very average–but our heart sets us apart. We do the “Poor Man’s” version for her–LOVE. That’s all we can afford–but Love is FREE.

But the reason we found her (well she found us) is there are Foreclosures RAMPANT in this state and this area. People just leave their pets. Just leave. Walk away.

How sick is that? There are shelters, adoption centers even Petsmart takes in animals to be adopted.  That’s how we got our cat last Summer (just left to rot in the horrible heat here) and this year, that’s how we got our dog.

What the hell is wrong with people? How could anyone just leave a poor, little helpless animal out in the cold, to starve and try to fend for themselves–especially ones with health issues???

It sickens me that someone could be so cold and callous to a helpless creature. They trust us. They need us to help them and be advocates for them. And you turn your back on that?


If you’re going to lose your house and can’t take your pet for whatever reason, take it to a shelter, Petsmart or find it a good home. Don’t just wait for some sap like me and HOPE it gets taken care of.  There are so many people, now especially, that would turn their backs too.  But not me, not us. Not on our watch!

This is just one day out of our crazy life! But I really hope it inspired you to take some kind of action, take heart for the smaller beings in this world, and open your eyes and maybe your heart to something that needs love.

We did. And haven’t looked back…..

This is her!!!



A little over a year later, Sweet Pea is still with us. She still isn’t very mobile and wiggle walks, but we give her a little baby aspirin every morning to help her get around in less discomfort.

A few months ago, her face swelled up and she was in pain. I took her in, only to find that she had an abscess, her teeth really needing to be cleaned and 1 tooth needing to be pulled out. I didn’t know what to do. I knew that if we tried to sedate her to clean her teeth and remove the tooth, she’s have to be knocked out, and that would probably end her little life.  So we took an X-ray to see what her heart looked like.

When the X-ray was checked by the Vet and another radiologist, it was found that she just had a large heart. No traces of congestive heart failure, blood being washed back into the lungs were found whatsoever!!!  She just has a big heart for her body!!!  The valves are OK and the feeling of a heavy heartbeat on her left side had diminished significantly!!!!!

OH THANK GOD!!!!!   So it looks like we have several more years with her after all!!!  Let this also be a testament as to what love and care can really do….

Welcome Back!!!

Published September 3, 2010 by MrsQwnBee

Hi Everyone!!!  I’m sorry for my long absence. Summer home with my kiddos got me! But I’m back! YAY!

Now just a little about our Summer. My son graduated Kindergarten and then we went to California to see my daughter graduate High School!!

Both went really well. A little teary eyed, but I did not fall apart like I thought! We spent most of the Summer inside, suffering from Cabin Fever and Tag-Teaming Mom. (Lucky me!)  But as of Monday, the 30th of August–we were back to the School Time Schedule.

It’s been a tough adjustment–for me! I haven’t ever been up so early before! I think we’ve finally managed this hurdle–it only took 4 days to get into the swing of things!

My older son started FIRST GRADE this year and a FULL DAY of school! He’s managed it flawlessly! He and his brother decided months ago to give up taking naps–so it’s not a problem for them one bit. (Ugh for Mommy though!).

So this school year has been a HUGE Milestone for us.  For the last 3 years (my son went through Pre, Pre-K, Pre-K and Kindergarten), it has been a version of total hell. 

We would go through yelling, screaming, temper tantrums, door slamming, more screaming, hysterical crying, hardcore stubbornness and throwing up–ALL before the school bus came in the morning. (the bus driver even came to talk to me to check and see if he was OK, because he would sit and scream and cry the whole 10 minutes to school everyday.)

Then he wouldn’t talk, communicate, socialize or anything–with anyone at school. Not the kids, not the teachers–no one. It was, needless to say, an ordeal.

Last year in Kindergarten, his teacher told me that it’s a big shock to kids when they start Kindergarten, and a lot of them won’t even start to come out of their shell until after the Winter Break.

HOLY LORD!!! Really?

So after break, he finally starts to communicate–his way.  The teacher knew he had an IEP (Individual Education Plan), which signifies this kid has some “ism’s” to watch for.  So with that in mind, since he wouldn’t speak, she actually expected his first words to be a version of grunting.

One day, they were writing in class (just a sentence or a few words is all).  She asked him to write something down, like everyone else is doing.  He just looked up at her (yes, he actually had eye contact with her) and said very matter-of-factly, “Um, no. I just don’t feel like writing today” and chucks his pencil back down on the desk.  His teacher almost fell over!

My son is shy. Very shy. He takes his time getting comfortable with people (at least 20 minutes) and is like a dog–he knows right away if he’s dealing with a good person or not.

Like I said–this year really broke the mold. 

He was excited about starting school this year. We weren’t sure if he was just repeating words to make Mom and Dad happy of if he meant it. He actually meant it this time.

No crying, no screaming, no fits. None of the usual getting ready in the morning escapades.  He ate his breakfast, got dressed, got his backpack, got in the car–with NO PROBLEMS.  I’m still in amazement!

His teacher talks to me everyday when I pick him up (I love her–she is such a blessing and I think she realized really quick how much I worry about him). Each day gets even better. He is answering questions, talking with her and even shared in front of the class!!!


He is eating the school lunch in the cafeteria (he was deathly afraid of crowds and loud noises–so I was terrified he would go hide under a table) every day–it’s his pattern.  But this year, I am so proud to say, that we broke our 3 year record!

Now I know it’s only the first week, but he has done SO WELL and I am SO PROUD of him–I just can’t even believe it’s the same kid!

I’ll keep you all posted throughout the year in regards to him–but I am simply amazed! He’s starting to really come out of his shell and I couldn’t be prouder!!!!


If you have any comments about this, starting school, or want to yell out a “Holla” for your child too–I’d love to hear about it! 

Thank you so much for reading this and feel free to share it with another parent who’s scared and nervous for their child too.  It’s very reassuring to know that there are other parents out there with these kinds of issues too! I know it makes me like “I’m not the ONLY one out there.”  I’m here and so many more are too! There’s sanity in numbers!

To Tattoo or Not to Tattoo–that is the Question!

Published June 30, 2010 by MrsQwnBee

Tattoos. Tattooing. Body Art.

It’s not the old Aircraft Carriers across your chest or the Popeye anchors on your arms anymore.  People of ALL walks of life get tattoos for oodles of reasons. It’s not reserved for White Trash, Truckers or Military personnel anymore. 80 year old Grandma’s even get them now!

I have 11. I am not a freak, a weirdo, or a hose-bag (at least no one has ever told me that).  I’m a Wife of 11 years, and a Mom of 3 kids.  95% of my tattoos are concealed and get hidden under my clothes. When it’s wintertime, I forget I even have them until I take a shower! Then it’s a surprise! “Holy Cow! I forgot I had those things!”  My “ink” is for me–not to show off to everyone.  When it gets hot out, yes of course you see more of them. But on the average day, it is not my priority to be a walking museum for gawkers.

I have 2 that have very special meaning to me. One, is for my brain surgery and the date. The other is to signify the deep love and devotion my husband and I share. The other ones are close to my heart and have elements of things I love (like Bees ad Mickey Mouse), but the 2 I mentioned are my most signficant ones by far. My hubby has the same 2 also–and he feels the same way!

But whatever the reason you decide to get one, there are some things to keep in mind. 

1. IT’S FOREVER/PERMANENT. If you don’t like it or even the placement–too late! You can’t whip out your handy dandy eraser and fix it. It’s there for GOOD, wherever its at. No Do-Over’s here! Make sure you see a professional that is on the side of being a perfectionist. Placement is everything!

2. TAKE YOUR TIME. Choose something with special meaning to you (commemorate a special event, a special person, a place of personal paradise, a meaningful symbol, etc.). The list goes on. There is no rush. Just don’t get drunk one night and get one done because you’re drunk friends goaded you into it. Again–erasers don’t work for this!  This will be with you FOREVER. Make sure it’s something you can live with, take pride in and is not the cause for embarrassment!  In the immortal words in Indiana Jones, The Last Crusade–“Choose Wisely.”

3. Tattooing is a form of “Wearble Art.” We all like to admire art from time to time, but when small children are present, we really don’t want them to see Mickey and Minnie Mouse getting their groove on!!! Save that for a more hidden place! And there are other certain themes that are not quite as visually stunning to everyone else–namely, Skulls, Death, Monsters, Blood and Guts. Again, not too great for the younger audience. See above–“Choose Wisely.”

4. IT’S GOING TO HURT.  Now I would be a liar and a half if I said “It doesn’t hurt.” It does. There is nothing like this kind of pain. I did acupuncture for 2 years and I don’t fear needles when getting blood drawn–but it is NOTHING like that. Certain areas hurt MUCH worse (the Lower Back is death), while others don’t hurt at all.  It all depends on you–you own pain tolerance, medications or alcohol you might have used.

There are two things here to remember.

A. Find an artist with experience with 1st timers and is gentle or “light/soft handed.” Heavy handed tattooers FLIPPIN’ HURT!!! Even more than it normally does! Holy Yikes!!! I have been inked by both. And I will go to the light handed artist again over the heavy handed one, in a heartbeat! Yowzas! That especially SUCKED.

B. The human brain does NOT remember pain. The nerves only react at the time to stimulus, but it is not stored in your memory. Think about it. Recall an especially painful time in your life.  For me, I’ll pick childbirth. I was on NO drugs whatsoever, I did it natural and it happened really fast! I “recall” that there was a lot of pain involved, there was tearing and bleeding, but I do not remember the actual sensation of it.

Try it. Do you remember the specific pain of an event? The actual sensation of it? Probably not. It doesn’t stay stored.  That’s why I could have 3 kids. If we could remember exactly what the pain felt like–we’d all have stopped at one!  This is another reason why we do tattoos over and over again. We feel the pain as it happens, but forget what it was like and optimistically think “It won’t be so bad this time, I know what to expect.”  Haa Haa! Oh you sad, strange,  little person!!!! You couldn’t be more wrong!

Now here are some little known tidbits you need to be aware of.  My dear friend, and my personal Tattoo Artist “Nicolas” (for us white people, it’s pronounced Nee-coh-laahs) has been kind enough to let me borrow some of his knowledge and 25 years of tattooing experience to answer some questions, so we can share it with you!

Now according to “Nicolas,”

  • Not 18? No tattoo for you!  No one under 18 can get a tattoo. If one is even seen on a minor, the tattoo artist can be tracked and fined for doing it. It’s illegal.
  • A really good, experienced tattoo artist (like “Nicolas” who has been doing it for 25+ years) can read your skin better than a newspaper. He can tell if your on  medicine or pregnant–just by how your skin takes the ink. If you’re pregnant–don’t bother after 2.5 months and until you’ve hatched. If you’re on antibiotics–stay away for 2 weeks after the last dose is taken. Again, it will be a wasted trip for you, because the ink won’t absorb into your skin. You’ll need to come back at a later date. Same thing thing if you’re over-tired or not taking daily vitamins! The ink won’t take in either case! So go home, get some sleep and take your vitamins!
  • A & D Ointment/Lotions. A & D is for the first day or two and for Brand New Tattoos. (Or anything specifically for  brand new Tattoos) Apply a thin coat every 3 hours or so to coat the skin (I also use straight Melaleuca oil directly on the tattoo, and it absorbs into the skin. It’s pungent–but it heals the skin).

*Lotion (after the A & D period is over with) is very important to use hourly! Keep your new tattoo covered with lotion. BUT–be sure to use an unscented, unflavored lotion or you will be in a world of stinging! And STAY AWAY from anything that has Petroleum in it!  (I personally use a special lotion from Melaleuca–that targets people with eczema/psoriasis and completely knocks out the “itching phase” 4-5 days later when the tattoo is healing. When doing touch ups–A & D is mostly not needed. The skin had already seen action and is “sort of” used to it.

  • Showers/Baths. Showers are fine after a day. Do not scrub your tattoo or even put any kind of shower gel on it. It will sting like crazy–as if the water droplets falling on it didn’t hurt enough!  And DON’T take a bath. Soaking the tattoo in hot water does really weird things–like make the inky skin ball up and fall off (kinda looks like rainbow colored string boogers–Ew!). You look like a colorful leper when you get out of the tub. And don’t remove  ANY of the color/ink before it’s ready. BIG MISTAKE!

*When you pick at it (because it itches or has a blob of colored ink/skin ready to go–you are actually tearing off the color–that you paid for! If you peel a lot of it off-expect needing a touch up and having some unattractive/bare parts of your skin hanging out until it’s healed enough for the Touch Up to be done.

  • Salty Diet? Ate Pizza last night? It’s going to sting and it will show on your skin. It will hurt more and stays redder longer. The ink doesn’t go in as smoothly when you are full of salty stuff!
  • Tight Skin after a tattoo? Soak it in COLD/LUKEWARM (NEVER HOT) water (washcloth or paper towel) for 10 minutes twice a day.  It will take longer to heal and hurt more if you chose to ignore the tightness. But the skin is crying out for water–give it what it needs!
  • When you have areas that won’t heal or look kinda pus–y–soak it with rubbing alcohol. It helps dry out the gunk and actually helps it to heal. I got part of a tattoo done in an area under my arm that constantly rubbed against the underwire in my bra. Alcohol cleared it up in 3 days!
  • Did you drink or do drugs last night? It’s going to show on your skin. People who drink hard liquor even the night before will bleed more. Everyone “bleeds” plasma crossed with a little blood, but this is actual blood (more than just plasma) we’re talking about. Icky stuff. And it makes it REALLY hard on you and the tattoo artist, because you don’t absorb the ink as well, it swells the skin, and takes longer because he is having to “mop”  up the ink and blood even more than normal.
  • Drugs. If you are a frequent drug user, the body can refuse the ink,  the skin won’t heal correctly, scab up more, and possibly when the scabs come off, so will the ink itself. There will always be complications depending on the person. So please take care of yourself.
  • If you’re Drunk at the time–a proper, licensed tattoo shop WILL NOT work with you. Everyone talks about handling it better it you’re drunk–but it better not be obvious–or you’ll wind up on the curb!
  • If you have areas that really aren’t healing up after a month or two–start using Vitamin E Oil on it. It helps the skin to heal. But be sure to ASK/CALL your tattoo artist about how to proceed FIRST. Don’t guess, don’t assume–CALL THE PROFESSIONAL and get their advice first. This is what you paid them for!
  • If you have PREVIOUS TATTOOS from another Artist, Good Luck. Tattoo Artists are NOT willing to touch another artists’ work. Unless you are willing to pay them a lot to do it, they won’t touch what someone else started. They are very picky about messing with someone else’s work, or even about someone else touching their work. It’s hard to guess what someone else is thinking, right? There you go! Try to stick with the tattoo creator whenever possible.

Now a few months ago, I got a bracelet tattoo done by a heavy handed person (not my usual person). I had “Nicolas” take a look at it and he was really upset. “WOW. That’s not good–not good at all. Your skin is damaged–BIG Time.”  What it looks like happened is that the needle wasnt sharp anymore. If you dip the needle into the ink pot and it hits the bottom, over and over again, the tip gets bent. So it looked like the entire tattoo was done with a bent needle tip.  Because of the hard pressing that was done, and the needle being bent, it damaged the skin layers underneath and the top layer as well. (It was a full week before even the sheet on my bed could brush over my wrist without me wincing in pain from just that! Imagine a shower?) I know tattoos hurt–but this was ridiculous!

There were areas that were hard feeling when you pressed different areas of the tattoo itself.  Those hard spots are nearly gone after 2.5 months.  As “Nicolas” explained it, what I had were areas of dead skin that needed to heal and become alive again. I knew what he meant when he told me to prick my skin with something sharp. Prick your upper arm and then the tattoo area–you’ll see what I mean. (I thought he was mental, but I did it. )  Sure enough, I could FEEL the areas on my upper arm, I had sensation. On the tattooed area, even though I saw myself pricking my skin–I couldn’t feel it at all. It was truly dead. This was NOT the time to put Vitamin E on it! Cool water or alcohol ONLY. This is why I say to call your professional to get their advice first!

It did not heal well, it needed LOTS of soaking, and now after nearly 3 months, it’s close to being healed. But there are patches still of red, injured skin showing through.  It was not also aligned perfectly and is “off center” when you turn to look at your wrist (I know better–so WTH?). “Nicolas” has been kind enough to offer to fix it, to get it looking as good as it should. We hope for it to be healed enough in ANOTHER MONTH. WOW!  Believe it or not–I do want to get Touch Ups for this one! Even still!

(Now it is not my intention to “slam” or “smear” the name of the particular artist I saw for this. This was totally at my discretion. In fact, at my request, they did some Touch Up work that I am VERY pleased with! The one tattoo in particular turned out really well and they really “knocked it out of the park!”  Their portfolio showed good work.  I do not want cause any harm to their career so I will not name names.)

And the last and maybe most important question you may be wondering.  Is getting a tattoo addictive?  Yes and No.  In my personal experience, it was not so much “addicting” (I gotta get another and another and…) as I wanted to add things. Some were new, but most were “Touch Ups” or “Additions” to ones I already had. But once I’d had enough–nothing could change my mind. I WAS DONE. That’s it. No more for me. We all have a set limit.

For my husband, he is not an addictive personality at all. He did his to match (he has armbands) and then his last 2 were more of “it sounds like a good idea” to get them done. But his experience was totally different than mine in that ALL of his hurt like the dickens. Every little bit, every little time. The agony was more than he could take. So he stopped for the reason of it hurt too much to go on.

Me personally? I’ve had 3 kids RAW (no drugs, no nothing) so pain is nothing to me ( I guess I’m a hardass and didn’t even know it!). I started out with my first tattoo being the worst one you could ever get–the lower back tattoo (which I now consider to be similar to having a 4th child–and I know pain!), so after that–nothing was going to be as painful as that was! And you know what? Nothing has come even CLOSE to it!

Now another little tidbit is important to know. The inks they use these days are safe–medically. They do NOT have metallic substances in them anymore. Some people with older tattoos done in the mid 80’s and before, had to worry about metals being used in the inks. This was very problematic–because they weren’t aware of what was in the ink until they got an MRI later in life! Then, their skin popped like popcorn in the microwave! Not nice.  X-rays, CAT scans can also cause some issues (they sometimes “cloud”  or make shadows in the X-ray itself), but when you are about to receive an MRI, they ask you about tattoos on the pre-questionnaire.

Tattoo ink is considered a Cosmetic, therefore is not checked over and supervised before it is given out for consumer use (herein lies the problem with the cosmetic industry as a whole). So tattooing is not for the really stringent Greenie or Tree Hugger. I do consider myself to be a bit of both (a Green-Hugger!)–but the idea of “My Own Personal Body Art” won out over worrying what *might* be in the ink.

So in summary: Check their portfolio first, Get a real professional with experience, and that they are licensed to do tattoos, Be choosy, It’s permanent and Yes, its going to hurt!!!

Any Questions?     Comments?      Tattoos of your own?      Share them with me!

I’d love to check them out! You went through the pain of getting them, at least be appreciated for it!  And please share this with anyone who is thinking of getting a tattoo! These are great tidbits to pass on to those that even have them! Thanks so much! And I look forward to hearing from you!

Western Medicine can Eat My (blank)!

Published June 28, 2010 by MrsQwnBee

As suggested by my friend Krisna, I am venting today.  This is one of the perfect topics to write about. Western “medicine” or lack thereof.

I have a reached an all time limit of the BS I am given in my search for better or at least passable health, by my Western medicine Provider.  It’s CLEARLY time to seek natural cures and look into alternative health resources.

This has NOT been my year for health (so far). It started January and after only 1 month of respite–it’s all back AGAIN.  Now my health troubles are nothing compared to what some are going through. In terms of cancer–this is a small case of hiccups in comparison. But to me, as a very crazy/busy Mom–this is impacting my life and my love life (my poor husband is going to shrivel up–I know it!), and frankly, I’VE HAD IT!!!!!

As I say with everything that bothers me in life, “THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY.”  I will find it! I will–watch me do it!

Now I am proudly turning into a Tree Hugger. Obviously, Nature has got it right. But I’ve been so blinded by a hypochondriac mother (who takes anyone to the doctor at the sign of a sniffle and thinks that getting a splinter will magnify and mutate into the cause of you dying a horrible death. Nice huh?)

But my recent exploits with Western Medicine, have helped me finally draw that much needed line in the sand.  Prepare for your eyes to bug out and if you get mad–I warned ya!!! (Just leave me a comment so we can vent together!)

In January, I had nausea, a sick stomach, the tireds, migraines, feeling so bad I had to lay down in the dark while my hubby took care of the kids. I had an acid blocker (Protonix) and a migraine medication (Treximet–I never used because the side effects scared me so bad) prescribed for me.

Not to mention this nifty stuff called Promethazine–which kicks nausea in the gonads, but leaves you groggy, tired and listless for 2 days after taking only 1/4 of the tablet! Just what a SAHM needs, right? NOT.

Now February, March and most of April, had even more reflux, acid and nausea, with the usual headaches, sinus headaches, tension and stress from being a Stay at Home Mom. All I could do was take the Protonix daily and hope it would be an OK day for me.

In February/March, I thought I was dying of a heart attack. (Yes, I do have WebMD bookmarked!). I had Costo Chondritis–which is an inflammation of the ligaments around your ribs. Sharp chest pains, numbness, coldness and tingling sent me in to the doctor (remember the neurotic Mom?). It was the Costo C along with carpal tunnel–of course on my left side. I was on anti-imflammatories and a 7 day antibiotic to try to get rid of it, and a cool new wrist brace to wear at nights that my hubby loves! (He feels bullet proof with it on! It looks just like something bowlers wear if you ask me.) They wanted to do a nerve conduction test, but my insurance would have no part of that!! $3350 to do it!  But I did a stress test, an EKG (which blew apart my deductible all in one shot) and X-rays–to find NOTHING.

Now moving onto April. I was on the Protonix and I did something REALLY REALLY stupid. I got totally, rip roaring DRUNK. (Big Bad No-No if you’re on prescription meds). I was getting my lower back tattoo done and I knew it would be excruciating–so I drank and drank and drank. The room didn’t stop spinning until 9pm, and I started at noon. Aie Yie Yie.  Well that did it. Suddenly, the Protinix stopped working altogether and I had a lump in my throat constantly, for a week. This sucker felt like a walnut–and it wouldn’t go away no matter what I did. So again, I went to the doc. This time he ordered a Barium Swallow/Upper GI test with x-rays. (Not to mention some new dual phase acid reducer that make me feel even worse).

And since I had Protonix in my system, they had me do an H. Pylori test–which I won’t discuss, but was definitely, the MOST humiliating test on the face of this earth. That too came back negative, after the insurance tried to bill us over $600 for it, but all it was, was an error they made in my member number.  At the end of the barium swallow (and only at the end) I was told Surprise! I have a little hernia!  HOLY COW!! Are you kidding? Maybe that’s why I haven’t been able to wear a bra in a year and a half! The pressure under my ribs makes me want to barf 10 minutes after I put the thing on! WOW!!!

OK. So back to the doctor (again) for test results. He wants me to have SURGERY for the hernia.  Oh Hell No I’m thinking!! According to WebMD, hernia surgeries are not guaranteed to keep working or work for very long. Yeah, NO!!!!! The recovery? The Cost? Ummm, yah, NO!

Now onto May. I read an article on Yahoo that the use of PPI’s (proton pump inhibitors–aka the Protinix I was using) is bad. Bad for your intestines, and makes you more susceptible to pneumonia. GREAT!!!!! So I stopped that cold–but you know what–for the first time in month, I felt nothing! No tummy pain, sickness or anything!! Hallelujah!!!! Was it the Protonix all along that was making me feel sick?

Are ya ready for June? Here we go!  June finally had me go see the Eye Doctor, that my regular doctor referred me to. I had Lasik surgery twice 2 years ago, and he wanted me to see someone so they had a baseline report for me.  To my disbelief, I needed glasses for the astigmatism that wasn’t wiped out with the surgeries. I thought I just had dry eyes for 2 years! Imagine my shock!

So I get the prescription made for the glasses. I chose wrap-around sunglasses and they were completely off!! So I chose another pair and was still waiting for my indoor/clear glasses to come in.  I finally got the sunglasses in time to drive to CA. They did OK. When I got back, the clear ones were ready! YAY!

I tried them and I started getting THE WORST facial/sinus headaches I have ever had! It felt like someone putting a gas mask on my face and sucking that part off my skull. The headache would last until I went to sleep. Nice.  So obviously, the prescription wasn’t working for me. So under advisement from several people (including my worrywart mother) I went back to the prescribing doctor.  They were nice, did the work, adjusted the prescription for me, only to wait another week to get the glasses back.

I get them back, the day before we get to see Penn & Teller!! I got to wear them for a whole 2 days, before the temple headaches started in again. New version with the headaches this time–lucky me.

OK–now here’s where you’re probably going to get pissed off. I know I did (and several others too).  I called the Eye Doctor to see about coming in again (this would be my 3rd visit). The RECEPTIONIST–NOT THE DOCTOR started in on me. This was my fault, I needed to have my glasses checked by the lens maker and not waste their 15 minutes to check another companies shoddy work, I was the bad guy because my insurance company didn’t pay them for charging me to come in again (I didn’t know there was a charge, no one said anything at the time and if they knew they wouldn’t get paid, why didn’t they charge me at the time, instead of making me the criminal here?) and if I came in again they would A. charge me for it and I would need to take care of the balance I owed, and B. they won’t do this again for me. This is obviously a problem I have and I would need to get further testing and meet with the doctor to see what my problem is.

WOW!!! But it gets better.

She actually calls me back. She forgot to mention that I should invest in a Blood Sugar meter because with fluctuations like that, I am most likely pre-Diabetic. I need to check my blood sugar and get it under control before I make an appointment with them!!!!!!  Great Googly Moogly!!!!

HOLY COW!!! Diabetes???

OK, so worrywart, neurotic me (remember, my mother OK?) already had a Dr. Appointment that day because of the extreme headaches I was getting and now I needed to check and see about Diabetes too.  I went in, they did 3 X-rays, blood work and the diabetic finger prick test, only to see that I have a HUGE sinus infection and my blood sugar was totally within the normal ranges.

PHEW!!!!!!! (But I still want to kick the ass of that nurse lady.) I sent an email complaint about her to their office. I don’t expect anything to happen, it’ll probably get round filed, but someone should at least know about her.

So I went home with 4 new medicines. One for Mucinex, 1 for the headaches, 1 nasal spray and 1 antibiotic with psychotic side effects as well as your tendons (anywhere) can rupture or tear at any time for no reason. WTH???? What did I do to piss this person off so much to give me this?

And he has ALWAYS given me prescriptions off the top of his head. Unlike the Pediatrician that sees my kids, he doesn’t take any notes on what I say, type in a laptop with every patient to look in their huge database–but it’s just off the top of his head!!! I have several medication allergies to be aware of–so they need to be extra careful not to prescribe the wrong thing.  My Mom FREAKED when she heard this!

My kids get a receipt with a diagnosis code on it and the Pediatrician is very clear to explain what they need and what it does.  All I get is fast talking, I hope I remember it and a receipt that shows I paid my co-pay. That’s it.

Anyways, with all these new medicines, my GERD is back in full force. I am LESS than Happy and researching like crazy to find something, anything out there that can help me.

I came across a website that really intrigued me–http://www.digestaqure.com/

In it, they talk about the Medical Community and “their focus on symptom and immune suppression with the use of drugs. almost all diseases are  termed “incurable”  by the medical/pharmaceutical establishment.  Addressing root causes through natural healing and immune restoring mean sis not usually an option for an MD, should he wish to remain in good graces with the establishment.”

This makes me sick and only proves to me, that my thinking and my pessimism about Western doctors, really isn’t too far from the truth. I wasn’t too far off in the first place huh?

There may be some Western Doctors out there that are good, honest, legitimate and really make your health a priority to them. I have not found any so far (and I have been on this Earth for 37 years), that are interested in only Band Aiding the problem. If you know of any good ones, please, prove me wrong.

In the meantime, I’m NEVER going to Siems Lasik in Las Vegas AGAIN, and I’m going to start seeing a Chiropractor and venture on the path that Mother Nature has laid before us.

We are all told that we need to partner up with our Medical Provider, and that we need to be an active participant in our health. But are we really getting the help we need or a quick fix band aid?  I’m thinking the band aid and that’s it.

Please feel free to comment on this. I’d love to hear your story and any referrals you might have. Please pass this on to others too. I know I’m not the only way that feels this way.

It’s important. It’s our health–and we only get one try at this Life.

Now I have to retract something.
As I look back on my years of dealing with Doctors, I did have 1, count it, ONE Doctor that I want clones of.
He really cared, didn’t try to stuff you full of prescriptions, HONESTLY listened to you, and really did his BEST to help make you better. His name was Dr. Evans Whitaker, and I was blessed to have him as my General Doctor for a few years, after the birth of my daughter. 
From what I can gather, he retired from General Practice in 2005 (?), and was located in Santa Cruz, CA.
My thanks and sincere praise go out to you, Dr. Whitaker–I wish there were more of you, because you were FANTASTIC!!!
Cheers to you Dr. Whitaker–for taking such good care of me and my daughter years ago.
No one has come even CLOSE to how wonderful he was. He set the standard for what a caring Doctor really should be like–in fact, he spoiled me!
Thank you for your years of service!

No More Naked Finger!

Published June 22, 2010 by MrsQwnBee

Hi Everyone!

This is going to be a “short” one from me today (normally I’m a big yapper!). But I just wanted to THANK The Shane Co. in California, for fixing, cleaning and inspecting my pride and joy–My Wedding Set!

It just arrived to me this morning and I am STOKED to have it back! It’s been an integral part of me for almost 11 years. I never take it off! I shower with it, sleep with it, clean with it, you name it, I do it–with it on. 

To me, my wedding set makes me who I am. It’s part of my heart. Would YOU take your own heart out of your chest, to put it on a shelf even to clean the floor? HECK NO!!!! (You’d fall over dead anyways!)

This is how I feel about it. During our wedding ceremony, we were told that the rings symbolize a circle with no beginning and no end. A continuous band of love and committment. 

Call me superstitious (and as a former hockey goalie, oh yeah, I definitely have them!!), but if my ring symbolizes Love and Committment–without it on, I feel wrong, like something BIG is missing.

Not only do wedding rings have special meanings for their wearers (when you look down at it, you remember the day you got them, the ceremony, your dress, the smile your partner had when you said I DO), but they also show to others (even on the street) that you are taken. You are worthwhile enough to be wanted by another. Not to mention they’re pretty to look at!

So needless to say I AM BEYOND HAPPY to have it back! It means the world to me, just like the man that gave it to me.

Take time out right now and remember your special day. Think of the details–the dress, the people there, the cake, the food, fun and dancing that took place, think of your honeymoon–the destination, the things and places you saw. But most importantly, try to remember the feeling of being “Just Married.” How proud you were to be “Mr.” or “Mrs.” whoever, and how excited you were to tell anyone you came across that you were a newlywed!

Soak it all in and may it bring a smile to your face today.  And don’t forget to text your significant other a simple, little “I Love You.”

If hope this brought a smile to your face! Please feel free to comment here and to pass it on to someone else who could use a smile or a trip down memory lane!  Make it a great day!!!